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MoTeC SDL, with 8MB memory, All I/O enabled (8 AV, 4 AT, 2 Switch, 2 Digital, 2 speed, 4 AuxOutputs), and Pro-logging, $4200.

Comes with a formula car harness setup for 4 suspension sensors, wired for USB comms, Throttle, Steering, F/R Brake Pressure, Oil/Water Temp, and Oil Pressure, Front/Rear speed sensors.  System includes CAN SLM and Video Sync module and wiring to control a ChaseCAM PDR 100 (recorder not included).  Has a 4-button carbon fiber switch plate with a curly cord.  Wired for Racegrade GPS (available separately for $400), or we can re-wire for MoTeC GPS L10 which sells for $180.


MoTeC ADL2 with Backlighting, 8MB memory (expandable to 16 for $425), 30 I/O (10 AV, 4 AT, 4 Switch, 2 Digital, 4 Speed, 4 AuxOutputs, 2 0-1V inputs), Pro Logging enabled.  $5000.    Harness can be custom made to meet your requirements.  Typically harness costs are $1200 - $2000 depending upon number of sensors supported.

MoTeC Steering Wheel

Momo steering wheel with integrated MoTeC MDD (Mini Dash Display), includes 4 push buttons, and two 4-position selectors (often used with traction control or fuel mapping on ECUs).  Was $4000 new, asking $1500.

MoTeC BR2 beacon receiver, $300

MoTeC BTX 999 channel beacon transmitter, $350

MoTeC 2 Axis G-Sensor, $200